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General Information

International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS)
General Information

Description and Purpose of List

The IAJGS Leadership Forum is a moderated email list (listserve) whose purpose is to provide a vehicle for communication among the leaders of the IAJGS and of its member societies.

In June 2012, the old list hosted by JewishGen was replaced by a new list running on IAJGS's own hosting service. The old list will not be deleted for a while so that the archive of old messages can be accessed, but no new messages will be accepted.

Eligibility and Posting Guidelines

The IAJGS board has adopted eligibility rules (see link above right) for joining the Forum, and messages that are posted must conform to the posting guidelines (see link above center).

Accessing the Archive of List Messages

Subscribers can access the archive of past messages by going to the list information page here. You will need your password to access the archives. If you do not remember your password, you can request that it be emailed to you by going to the URL of the form

where you put your subscribed email address in place of address after the final '/' character.

Subscriber Database Updates

It is anticipated that the subscriber database will be updated at least annually. The president of each IAJGS member society will be asked to submit information about the leaders in that society who should be invited to join. The president should send an email message with his/her nominees to The message should contain the name of the society plus the following information about each person nominated:

  • email address
  • name
  • position, title, or job

It makes the job of sending out invitations easier if the information about each email address is sent in the following format, line by line, with the person's name in parentheses:

email_address (full name) position/title/job

If a person wishes to be able to post messages from more than one email address, all of the addresses to be used should be listed with an indication of the (usually one) address to which Leadership Forum messages should be sent (the other addresses will have the "no mail" flag set).

Once the information has been received from the president, invitations will be sent to those people. The president should inform each of the nominees in advance as to what is happening and the importance of responding promptly as instructed in their invitation message.

The president is encouraged to send updates (leaders to be added or removed) at any time to the address above.

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