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49°00' N, 08°29' E5 miles E of Karlsruhe. Since 1938, part of Karlsruhe. Jewish population: 57 (in 1933).

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CEMETERY: 76227 Baden-Württemberg (Gerz)

The Jewish Cemetery is in Dünsbach, a district of the city Gerabronn in Schwäbisch Hall. The dead of the Dünsbach Jewish community were first buried in the Jewish cemetery in Braunsbach. In 1823, a separate cemetery was built on 10.62 Ar ,Today 76 gravestones are visible, the oldest dated 1825 and the most recent from 1933. Gerabronn Jews were buried in this cemetery. Reference: Joachim Hahn and Jürgen Krüger: Synagogues in Baden-Wuerttemberg . Volume 2: Joachim Hahn: places and institutions . Theiss, Stuttgart 2007, ISBN 978-3-8062-1843-5 ( Memorial Book of the synagogues in Germany . Volume 4) and Dünsbach (Gerabronn city, county  Schwäbisch-Hall)  Jewish Cemetery.


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