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File:Birzai COA.gif Alternate names: Biržai [Lith], Birzh [Yid], Birzhi [Rus], Birże [Pol], Birži [Latv], Birsen [Ger], Biržā, Berzai. Russian: Биржи. בירזש-Yiddish. 56°12' N, 24°45' E, 27 miles NNW of Kupiškis (Kupishuk), 35 miles NNE of Panevėžys (Ponevezh). 94 km east of Siauliai in NE Lithuania. 1900 Jewish population: 2,510. 1923: population was 5,315. 1934: 8,300 inhabitants and third Jewish.Yizkor: Only Two Remained (Cleveland OH, 1973). Lite (vol. 1) (New York, 1951).

Birzai is located at the confluence of the Apascia and Agluona rivers and along Lake Siruinis, surrounded by woods not far from the Latvian border.. Four hundred years ago, these rivers were dammed up, and Sirven Lake is, therefore, possibly the oldest artificial lake in the world. Four islands exist in these rivers on one of them a palace was built in the 16th century where Napoleon stayed during his march through Lithuania. website with photos. JewishGen ShtetLink: Information on Birzai today. A folksbank, gemilas khesed (interest-free loan society), two large Jewish flour mills, and a spinning and weaving business that imported English wool and spun and wove local flax exported to Czechoslovakia and other countries were important parts of the Jewish community. Birzai (162KB online video) - Only one Jew who still lives in Birzai/ Mr. Sheptel Melamed show the cemetery,  heder building, the synagogue. Jewish artifacts in Birzai Museum, the Yiddish inscription on the building of former asylum for poor people, views of the old streets. Jurbarkas-Kaunas-Sauliai (Shavel)-Pokrojis-Birzai (226KB)  - Online video of the cemeteries and synagogues of Jurbarkas, Kaunas and Pokrojis. Watch and listen to interviews with leaders of  the Jewish communities in  Kovno and Birzh. See views of  the streets and  meetings with other local Jewish people. [March 2009]

MASS GRAVE: 85; pic. # 69; Forest of Astravas-3.5 km N of Birzai on August 8, 1941; 84; pic. # 67-68. Source: US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. 1,807, June-August 1941 in Biržai, Jewish cemetery Holocaust Memorial photo [March 2009]

CEMETERY: The cemetery still exists and is in good condition with about 400 tombstones. Source: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . .[date?]

photo. [April 2010]

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