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Coat of arms of J?drzejów

Alternate names: J?drzejów [Pol], Yendzshev [Yid], Yendzheyov [Rus], Jendrzejov, Yedzheyov, Yendzheva, Yendzheyev, Yendzhiov, Yendziv, Russian: ???????. ?????????- Yiddish. 50°38' N, 20°18' E, 21 miles SW of Kielce. 1900 Jewish population: 2,050. Yizkor: Sefer ha-zikaron le-yehudei Jedrzejow. (Tel Aviv, 1965). The town located in the ?wi?tokrzyskie Voivodeship, about 35 km SW of Kielce, is the capital of J?drzejów County and had 18,069 inhabitants in 2002. [May 2009]

US Commission No. POCE000287

Located in Kielce Province, 50.38N 20.18E, is 38 Km from Kielce. the cemetery is located in a suburband area; Quartier Piaski, betwen roads for Pinczow. Present town population is 5000-25000, no Jews.

  • Town: Bumistrz Miasta Jedrzejow, 28-300 Jedrzejow, ul. 14 ?, Stycznia 23, tel.10 10.
  • Regional: region Konserwator Zabytkow ul.IX Wiekow Kielce 3 25-955 Kielce tel. 45634.
  • Interested: Adam Perkalla. (see end)

The earliest known Jewish community was about 1880. 1921 Jewish population was 4585, (39.1%). The cemetery was established 1880 with last Orthodox or Conservative known burial 1943. The flat, isolated land has no sign or marker. One must cross private property to access to the 1 ha, 720 m sq. site, open to all. 1-20 gravestones, all in original locations withless than 25% broken or toppled, date from 19th and 20th century. The limestone or sandstone, flat with carved relief decorations and/or smooth stones have Hebrew or Yiddish inscriptions. The municipality owns property i used only as a Jewish cemetery. Rarely, private Jewish persons visit. The cemetery was vandalized during World War II. There is no maintenance or care. Pollution is a major problem.

Dr. Adam Penkalla, ul. Gagarina 9, m 29 Radom, tel. 48 - 366 35 34 completed survey and visited the site [date not given].

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