42nd IAJGS International Conference
on Jewish Genealogy

Latest News

  • Conference Digital Journal Released (29 January 2023):

    Conference chair Judi Missel has completed and released the Conference Digital Journal, the final piece for the conference. You can view it as a FlipDoc HERE or as a PDF file HERE.

  • Entry to Virtual Conference Site (20 August 2022):

    To enter the Virtual Conference, click HERE.

    For the “Welcome to the 42nd International Conference on Jewish Genealogy” click HERE or click on the Welcome sign in the Lobby.

  • Session Selection Has Moved (16 August 2022):

    The old “SELECTION” item is no longer under the ATTENDEES tab. Instead, session selection is now done in the registration form using the “Update Your Registration & Info” item under the ATTENDEES tab. On the “Update” page, click the edit link to the right of your name to open the registration form. Then continue through the form to the “Selection” page (page 5 of the form) to make your choices of sessions to attend. Remember that when updating a registration form, you must proceed through the entire form to the end. Otherwise, no changes will be saved. These instructions are also on the “Welcome” page of the Attendee Service Center.

  • Training Materials for Virtual Conference (3 August 2022):

    We have started to add training material—slide presentations and videos—about using the facilities of the virtual conference. See the “Manuals & Training” item under the FAQ/INFO tab.

  • Program Selection Now Open (16 June 2022):

    The time has come to start picking out your sessions! To see all the programs, under the PROGRAM tab click on the “Program and Schedule” item. Once you have decided on which presentations and/or meetings you wish to attend, click on the ATTENDEE tab to sign into the Attendee Service Center. Then open the ATTENDEE menu and click on the “SELECTION” item. That page has detailed instructions for making and updating your selections and printing a Personal Agenda.

  • Wait List for Labs & Workshops Now Open (08 June 2022):

    Both Computer Labs and Computer Workshops have been sold out, so we have opened wait lists. To sign up, click on the ATTENDEES tab and log in using the email address and password you used to register. Then select the “Update Your Registration & Info” item. Next click on the “Edit” link for the person whose registration you want to update. This will open your registration form. You have to work your way through the form until you get to the page called “Add-Ons”. There you can check off the lab(s) and/or workshop(s) you want to sign up for. Remember that you must continue to the end of the registration form and click on the “Complete Registration” button.

  • Pre-Conference Early Bird Sessions Now Available (16 May 2022):

    The Pre-Conference Early Bird Sessions are now available for viewing. To access them, sign into the Attendee Service Center (ASC) by clicking HERE or on the ATTENDEES tab on the menu bar. Use the same login email and password that you used to register for the Conference. Then select the “Pre-Conference Early Bird Sessions” item under the ATTENDEES tab. (If you are already logged into the ASC, you can click HERE.)

    These are BONUS sessions available only to those who register BEFORE May 31, 2022. They do not count toward the 20 or 50 programs available to Explorer Level or Enthusiast Level registrants, respectively.

  • Registration Is Now Open (11 April 2022):

    Here are a few important points about registering.

    1. Before starting, please read through the Registration Overview page, which has important information, including the reduced prices for Early Bird Registration.
    2. Note that speakers must use a separate registration form, which is available through the Speaker Service Center under the SPEAKERS tab.
    3. If you have attended a previous conference, you should start the registration process using the email address and password from that conference.
  • Conference Goes Virtual (1 March 2022):

    The IAJGS Board of Directors has decided that the 2022 IAJGS Conference will be an All Virtual Conference. For details, see the announcement under the ABOUT tab or click HERE.

  • Call for Proposals Closed (21 November 2021):

    Notices of acceptance are expected to sent out by about Sunday, December 19, 2021.

  • Call for Proposals (14 October 2021):

    The Call for Proposals will be coming very soon.


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