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Contact information for the following areas is provided on the right:

Conference Co-Chairs

The Conference co-chair for the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS) is Marlis Humphrey. She can be reached at

The Conference co-chairs for the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Boston (JGSGB) are Jay Sage and Heidi Urich. They can be reached at

All three conference co-chairs can be contacted together using the email address

Program Committee

The Program Committee co-chairs are Mark Halpern, Nancy Adelson, and Carol Clingan. They can be reached at

SIG and BOF leaders who are participating in the Conference can contact Nancy Adelson at

As the Conference program evolves, information will appear under the "Program" menu tab.

Publicity & Marketing Committee

The Publicity & Marketing Committee chair is Florence Schumacher. She can be reached at

Information for members of the press, such as press releases, will be available under the "About" menu tab in the "Press Information" item.

Exhibitors & Advertising Committee

The chairs of the Exhibitors and Advertising Committee are Judy Salomon and Sonia Lipetz. They can be reached at

Film Festival

Leora Tec is organizing the Film Festival for the Conference. She can be reached at


If you have questions or problems with registration, please write to


If you are ready to help with the huge number of activities during the conference (e.g., in the Resource Center, as a door monitor, as a film projectionist, etc.), please write to

Hospitality Committee

The hospitality co-chairs are Carolyn Kohlman, Nancy Korn, and Leora Tec. They can be reached at

Morning Minyan

The morning minyans are being organized by Elliot Greene. He can be reached at


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