The Boston 2013 Discussion List

The Boston 2013 Discussion List invites you to ask questions or to carry on discussions related to the conference. It is also used to announce information about the conference. The list is moderated, which means that messages are screened by a moderator to block spam and inappropriate messages. Only those who are subscribed to the list can submit postings; postings from non-subscribers are automatically rejected.

Posting Rules

  • Messages posted to the list should deal with issues related to the conference.
  • When previously posted messages are quoted, the quoted material should be limited to the minimum amount necessary to provide context for the current posting.
  • Messages that deal with matters that have already been covered in past messages or add little new information may be rejected. People who join the list should peruse the archive of past messages (see below).

Joining and Using the List

For information about the list, please visit the web page at discussion.iajgs2013.org. It includes instructions on

You can contact the list moderator by writing to moderator@iajgs2013.org.

To submit a message to the list, address it to discussion@iajgs2013.org.

Digest-Mode vs Non-Digest Mode

Please read this section, especially if you signed up for digest mode and are having problems seeing the messages.

The discussion list supports two ways to receive messages.

We recommend the non-digest (individual-message) mode. You will receive each message that is posted as a separate message with a title indicating the subject of that message. The message will have your address in the TO field and the list address in the CC field. The subject line will have the tag "[Boston-2013]" added to the actual subject as a way to identify that the message is a list message.

Getting individual messages makes it easy to identify the content, both when the message arrives and when you are searching for an old message that you saved. They also make it easier to reply and maintain the subject. However, by default, a reply will go only to the person who submitted the original message. If you want to share your response with everyone on the list, change the TO address to discussion@iajgs2013.org. If your email software offers a "Reply to List" button instead of the "Reply" button, you may also use it to reply to the list.

Digest-mode messages are sent as a bundle of the day's messages compiled into a single message. The subject line will be of the form "Discussion Digest, Vol X, Issue Y". As with individual messages, digest messages will have your personal address in the TO field. The list address will be in the REPLY TO field. However, if you do reply to the whole list, please be sure to update the subject line to reflect the actual subject, and do not quote the entire digest. Such messages will be rejected by the moderator.

Some people (especially those using the AOL mail client software on their computers) are having trouble viewing the digest messages. Because our discussion list supports formatted (HTML) messages, the individual components of the digest message are sent as attached files. Most modern email software displays such messages just fine, but some software does not know how to handle the attachments. If you have that problem, please sign up in non-digest mode.


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