Contact People in the Family Finder

For the first time at an IAJGS conference, we offered the option for registrants to omit their email addresses from the listing of registrants printed in the Family Finder booklet. Although that booklet is distributed only to conference participants and only in a printed version (not in an electronic version or online), some registrants prefer not to have their email addresses listed.

People who selected the privacy option have ID codes listed in place of their email addresses. This web page can be used to send messages to those people using the ID codes assigned to them. It is up to the recipient to decide if he/she wants to respond. This system is similar to the one used to contact people who are listed in the JewishGen Family Finder.

Information for Responding to You

Provide your full name (so that the recipient can identify you and feel comfortable responding) and the email address to which they can respond to your contact message.

Your full name:     (required)
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Code of the Person You Wish to Contact

Enter here the ID code from the Family Finder booklet of the person whom you wish to contact. The code is not case-sensitive, so you may enter it in all lower case.

Recipient's ID code:     (required)

Family/Families and/or Places Researched

This is where you can enter the surname and/or town information of the families that you may be researching in common. If you wish to enter multiple Family Finder surnames and/or towns, separate them with the word "and" (e.g., Smith and Jones). You do not have to fill in both fields.

Surname(s) in Family Finder:  
Town(s) in Family Finder:  

Additional Comment

If you wish to leave a general comment for the recipient, you may enter it here.

The data in the database comes from the Family Finder of the 33rd IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy, August 4-9, 2013, in Boston.

We thank Stephen P. Morse for the concept and for the initial code behind this method for contacting people in the Family Finder while protecting the privacy of their email addresses.