Meal Events


A number of meals are part of the conference program (with an additional fee). They include Breakfasts with the Experts, Special Interest Group (SIG) Luncheons, and a Gala Banquet. They are described and listed below.

Note that only registered attendees may purchase tickets for and attend the Breakfasts with the Experts and SIG Luncheons (i.e., no more than one ticket to each event). Guests are not permitted. For the Gala Banquet, however, each registered attendee may purchase up to two tickets, one of which may be used for a guest who is not registered for the conference.

Note also that only people who have purchased tickets are allowed to attend these events.

Signing Up for Meal Events

The deadline for signing up for meal events is the end of the day on Wednesday, July 24. We have to give the final count to the hotel the next day.

To sign up for the meal events (and other optional fee-based events and items), you need to enter or return to the registration form as follows:

If you need help with the registration process, see the Registration Help page.

Breakfasts with the Experts

There are eight regular Breakfasts with the Experts (nine counting the Ukraine breakfast, which is being offered twice), mostly focussed on particular countries of interest. One covers DNA testing. An expert will make a short presentation, after which all the participants can engage in a question-and-answer session. These breakfasts run from 7:00 am to 8:15 am and cost $36. The food is served buffet-style (kosher dairy/pareve).

There is also one special breakfast being offered by Genzyme on Thursday at a reduced cost of $10. It will cover issues related to genetic diseases and will feature a panel of patients with Gaucher and Hyper Cholesterol diseases. This breakfast includes a full program and runs from 8:15 am to 11:00 am.

All of the breakfasts are listed in the table below. For details about them, look in the program schedule (to find them all quickly, put the word "breakfast" in the "Title" search field and click the "Search" button).

SIG Luncheons

The SIG Luncheons are held from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, except for the JRI-Poland luncheon on Sunday, which is held 15 minutes earlier, from 12:15 pm to 1:45 pm. The cost of each luncheon is $42.

The luncheons are listed in the table below. To find more information about a specific luncheon, click on its title below. A new page will open with the abstract. You can also go to the program schedule (to find them all quickly, put the word "luncheon" in the "Title" search field and click the "Search" button).

We are trying hard to make the meals more varied than at previous conferences. First, for each of the SIG Luncheons you will have a choice of three main courses: chicken, fish, and vegetarian. Second, we will be trying to get the chef to vary the dishes from day to day so that the people who attend many of the SIG Luncheons will not find themselves eating the same lunch day after day even if they choose chicken every day. Of course, you can add your own variety by choosing different main course for different meals.

Sunday JRI-Poland Luncheon: The Current State of Polish-Jewish Relations
Monday Belarus SIG Luncheon: Personal Reflections on the Restorations of Ten Jewish Cemeteries
Monday Gesher Galicia SIG Luncheon
Monday Latvia SIG Luncheon: The Russian American Line and Direct Jewish Emigration to New York
Tuesday Austria-Czech SIG Luncheon
Tuesday Litvak SIG Luncheon: Kaunas Zaliakalnis (Greenhill) Jewish Cemetery: A Case Study
Wednesday GerSIG Luncheon - Thirty Years of Restoration of Synagogue Buildings in Southern Germany
Wednesday Bessarabia SIG Luncheon: From a Virtual to an Actual Experience in Bessarabia
Thursday Hungarian SIG Luncheon: "Budapest: An American Quest. A Family's Journey to 1920s Hungary"
Thursday Ukraine SIG Luncheon: Common Interest—New Modes of Cooperation Between an Archive and a SIG

Gala Banquet

A Gala Banquet is held Thursday evening, the end of the last full day of the conference. The cost is $75. The banquet entertainment is described here.

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