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Daily Morning Minyan Services

As an official part of the conference, space is provided for daily morning minyan services. The conference accommodates minyan services but does not organize them. If you would like to attend such a service or you would like to help organize one, write to Elliot Greene at minyan@iajgs2013.org.

A traditional (Orthodox) service is already being organized. Because there is at least one Orthodox man who will be saying kaddish for a parent, it is important to have a minyan of 10 men at the service. Women, of course, are welcome to attend. A sefer Torah may be available for reading on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Rosh Hodesh Elul falls on Tuesday and Wednesday). There will be learning sessions Monday through Thursday led by Avraham Groll. They will start about 20 minutes before the shacharit service itself begins. See the timetable below.

Sunday 7:00 am    service

Monday 6:40 am    learning session: Halachik issues of exhuming Jews who were buried in a mass grave in Jedwabne, Poland
  7:00 am    service

Tuesday (Rosh Hodesh) 6:25 am    learning session: Is Yichus (lineage) important?
  6:45 am    service

Wednesday (Rosh Hodesh)   6:25 am    learning session: Is a man granted Kohen status without genealogical proof?
  6:45 am    service

Thursday 6:40 am    learning session: The role of Yerusha (inheritance) and Holocaust Restitution
  7:00 am    service

Friday 7:00 am    service

Other Daily Services

Some attendees may also be interested in organizing afternoon or evening services. This is typically done at the morning minyan.

For other possibilities for services, see the next section.

For reference during the conference, here are the relevant halachic times for Boston on the days of the conference.

  Day Minchah Gedolah
(earliest minchah)
Plag Haminchah
(earliest ma'ariv)
Sunday 1:26 pm 6:31 pm 8:01 pm
Monday 1:26 pm 6:30 pm 8:00 pm
Tuesday 1:26 pm 6:29 pm 7:59 pm
Wednesday 1:25 pm 6:28 pm 7:57 pm
Thursday 1:25 pm 6:27 pm 7:56 pm
Friday 1:25 pm 6:26 pm 7:55 pm

Services in the Community

Here are some other places that offer daily prayer services. Farther down, there is information about obtaining kosher meals.

Young Israel of Brookline

The full-service synagogue that is most conveniently reached from the conference hotel is the Young Israel of Brookline. It offers two daily morning services and a minchah-ma'ariv service. Check the website for the times.

Young Israel can be reached by public transportation in approximately 30 minutes using a single trolley line. Walk one block from the hotel to the Arlington Station of the MBTA Green Line. Take a C (Cleveland Circle) train outbound to the Coolidge Corner Station (above ground). It is then about a two-block walk to the synagogue. Here is a map of the route.

Young Israel Map

Zvhil - Mezbuz Beis Medrash

The Zvhil - Mezbuz Beis Medrash is located at 15 School Street, a little less than a mile from the hotel, about a 20 minute walk. Minchah services are held Monday through Thursday at 1:30 pm. However, things are quieter in the summer, and there is a chance that they will not have 10 participants. One should check with them by calling the phone number on the website.

Here is a map showing how to walk there. "A" is the hotel; "B" is the synagogue.

Mezbuz Map

Chabad House of Greater Boston

There is a Chabad House at Boston University in Kenmore Square, a little under 1.5 miles from the hotel. It is a 10 minute trip by public transportation from the Arlington Station of the Green Line, using any train except for an "E" train outbound to Kenmore Square. It is a very pretty roughly 30 minute walk along the Public Garden and Commonwealth Avenue.

The Chabad House does not have weekday services, but they will be holding shabbat services (and offering meals) both Friday night and Saturday morning during the summer. Call in advance to make arrangements.

Here is a map showing the walking route from the hotel (A) to the Chabad House (B).

Chabad House Map

Kosher Meals

All the food served as part of the conference—the Breakfasts with Experts, SIG luncheons, the banquet, and the kiosk lunch food—will all be prepared under rabbinic supervision by the regular hotel chefs using the hotel's kosher kitchen (the extra costs have been subsidized by donors). Those events (with some exceptions), however, are open only to registered participants in the conference, not to accompanying family members.

Not all meals are available as part of the conference (e.g., dinners, except for the banquet), not all conference participants will be attending conference meals that are offered, and family members may want kosher meals. The information below is provided for them.

Now that some people have been inquiring, we will add information here about ways to have kosher meals delivered to the hotel from area caterers.

The following is the kosher restaurant closest to the Park Plaza Hotel, about a 3/4 mile walk:

The Milk Street Cafe
50 Milk Street
Boston, MA 02109

The Milk Street Cafe is open from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday and until some time in the afternoon on Fridays. We understand that they will make box dinners that are dairy. However, for those for whom it is an issue, be careful about cheese; only mozzarella is chalav yisrael.

Two other possible sources for kosher catered food are:

For those who accept vegetarian or vegan food, see the guide prepared by one of our conference attendees.

Shabbat Home Hospitality

Since there are no synagogues really close to the hotel, synagogues in the Greater Boston area have expressed a willingness to arrange home hospitality for the shabbatot before and after the conference for those who are observant and want to attend services and have kosher meals. If you are interested, please write to shabbat@iajgs2013.org.

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