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Below are some of the common questions we expect you may have about the conference. If you can't find what you are looking for, check the "Contact" page for the right person to answer your question.

The Hotel



Food & Restaurants

Uploading a World War I Era Family Story and Pictures

Salt Lake City

The Conference


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The Hotel

Q.  I want to come to Salt Lake City before the conference or stay after the conference. Will the Hilton Salt Lake City Center give me the same low room rate for any such extensions?
  A.  The special $149 (plus tax) Conference rate covers arrivals as early as Tuesday, July 22, 2014, and departures as late as Wednesday, August 6, 2014. As our room block will likely fill up, it is best to get your reservations in early. If you find that you do not need some of the days you have reserved, please cancel them immediately so that others can take advantage of the special conference rates.

Q.  Is the conference hotel accessible to persons with disabilities?
  A.  The meeting rooms and other public areas at the hotel are fully accessible. The hotel has 11 ADA compliant guest rooms, some with bathtubs and others with roll-in showers. If an ADA compliant guest room is required, please note this when you reserve your room.

Q.  How can I find a roommate at the conference hotel?
  A.  Post your request on the conference Discussion List and watch for the postings of others. Arrangements must be made directly between conference registrants. Click here to sign up for the conference Discussion List.

Q.  Do the hotel rooms have refrigerators? coffee makers? microwaves?
  A. Every hotel room is equipped with a mini-refrigerator and a coffee maker. There are no microwaves or other cooking facilities.

Q.  Is there free Internet access?
  A. All hotel bedrooms have free Wi-Fi access for conference registrants. There will also be designated schmoozing areas in the hotel where you can connect to the Internet for free.

Q.  But, what if I do not bring my laptop computer?
  A. Although the conference resource room is primarily for accessing databases and accomplishing research, you may use some of the computers there for general Internet access, including checking your email. Hotel guests may also use the computers in the Hotel's Business Center at no charge.

Q.  I will arrive on Friday, July 25, and I observe Shabbat. What arrangements does the hotel have for Shabbat?
  A.  There are no synagogues near the conference hotel. A minyan room at the hotel will be available for self-directed services.

Q.  What's the best way to book a reservation?
  A.  Click the "HOTEL & TRAVEL" tab above to find information about making hotel reservations online or by phone.



Q.  How can I get to the Hilton Salt Lake City Center Hotel from Salt Lake City International Airport?

There are several possibilities.

TRAX (Light Rail)

TRAX trains depart the airport every 15 minutes on weekdays and every 20 minutes on weekends. The Green Line (which is the one that goes to the airport) will take you to within two blocks of the hotel with no change in trains. You board TRAX at the far end of Terminal One and take it to Gallivan Plaza (at 200 South Main Street). It is about a 20 minute ride. Once you exit TRAX, walk west (right) on 200 South one block to West Temple, turn right and walk a half block to the Hilton. The one-way cost is $2.50. The senior fare (over 65) is just $1.25. (Down side - if you arrive at terminal 2, it is a long walk to the far end of terminal one. And, city blocks are bigger than those you may be used to . So, if walking is a problem, take a shuttle or taxi.)




The Hilton contracts with Haroon Transportation for shuttle service door-to-door from the airport to the hotel. Call Haroon at 855-316-6888 once you retrieve your bags at the airport and they will come and get you. The one way fare is $12 per passenger.


A taxi will cost $20 to $25 for any number of passengers and so is a good alternative to the shuttle for 2 or more people

Additional Information

The Airport's Ground Transportation website provides additional information about options, including the phone numbers for other shuttle services and for the various taxi companies.

Q.  I am driving and will need to park. What are my options?

Parking at the Hilton is normally $14 per day. However, it is complementary to Conference registrants who are staying at the hotel. You will use your room key to enter and exit the underground parking structure. Note that the maximum vehicle height to enter the Hilton garage is 6 feet 5 inches.

Q.  What are my options for getting from the Hotel to the Family History Library?

Most will walk the 4/10ths of a mile between Hotel to the Library. Both are on West Temple. The Hotel is on the east side between 200 South and 300 South. The Library is on the west side between South Temple and North Temple.

Alternatives to walking that you might want to consider given the summer heat and Salt Lake City altitude include:

  • TRAX: Walk from the rear of the Hotel to the Gallivan Center Station (less than a block). Take the TRAX light rail two stops north and west to Temple Square Station. TRAX is free in the downtown area.
  • Taxi: The cost is under $5 and can be shared by several riders. The Bell Desk at the Hotel will call a taxi for you. You will need to call the taxi company yourself for the return ride.

Q.  What's the most convenient way to get around in Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake Valley?

The UTA TRAX light rail and Bus System are convenient, clean and have extensive routes across the city and the entire Salt Lake valley. The Green Line will take you from the Airport to Gallivan Plaza, where you would get off for the Conference Hotel. It will also take you from the hotel to the Family History Library. The Red Line will take you to the University of Utah and its J. Willard Marriott Library. If you want to go farther afield, the Frontrunner will take you to Ogden in the north or Provo in the south.

TRAX & FrontRunner Map


Food & Restaurants

Q.  I am strictly kosher. What will be available to me at the Conference?

There will be a kosher option for all meals associated with the conference. Kosher food will be provided by "Kosher on the Go" which is certified by Chabad Lubavitch of Utah. The hotel will offer kosher "grab-and-go" sandwiches at lunchtime provided by Kosher on the Go as well.

The Harmon's Supermarket at 135 East 100 South has a good selection of packaged kosher foods. Harmon's is 1/2 mile from the Hotel. You can take the TRAX light rail service to shorten the walking distance, All bedrooms at the Hilton have mini-refrigerators in which you can store food that requires refrigeration.

Q.  Will I be able to find a kosher restaurant in Salt Lake City?

The Kosher on the Go Deli is the only strictly kosher restaurant in Salt Lake City. It is located at 1575 South 1100 East and its phone is 801-463-1786. This is just over 4 miles from the hotel.

Q.  Is there a restaurant near the Hilton Salt Lake Center where I can get a simple breakfast or lunch for a reasonable price?
  A.  Yes there are places nearby to have simple breakfasts and lunches. The Conference Blog will provide a series of posts about places to eat near the hotel. The Conference's Hospitality Desk and the Hotel's Concierge/Bell Station will be able to provide you with additional information. 

Q.  Where can I find a list of restaurants within easy walking distance of the Hilton Salt Lake Center?
  A.  The Conference Hospitality Desk or the hotel concierge desk will be able to provide you with a list of restaurants and locations. The hotel is at the edge of Salt Lake City's "Restaurant District" with scores of options at all price points within a few blocks.

Q.  Are any grocery stores located near the hotel?

The Harmon's Supermarket at 135 East 100 South is a huge, well appointed upscale supermarket. It is 1/2 mile from the Hotel. You can take the TRAX light rail service to shorten the walking distance, You would board it at Gallivan Center Station, 1/2 block behind the hotel and take it one stop to City Center Station. You would then walk east on 100 South just over a block to Harmon's which is on the north side of the street. All bedrooms at the Hilton have refrigerators in which you can store food that requires refrigeration.


Uploading a World War 1 Era Family Story and Pictures

Q.  Who can upload WWI stories and pictures?
  A.  We welcome WWI era stories and pictures from everyone, whether registered for the conference or not.

Q.  How does one go about doing this?

Conference registrants will use their email and conference registrant password to identify themselves. They will be able to upload or modify their previously submitted story and pictures.

Non-registrants will provide their contact information and will then be able to upload their story and pictures. 

In order to upload your story and associated pictures

  • Have your WWI era story in a MS/Word document (up to 1,000 words) and up to 3 associated pictures (in JPG, PNG or TIF format) ready to upload.
  • Be sure to describe any pictures you will be uploading in the story.
  • Scan the pictures at the highest DPI (dots per inch) possible so we can show the clearest possible large versions on the picture wall we will have at the conference.
  • If you are a conference registrant, identify yourself using your email and registrant password.
  • If you have not registered, fill in the form providing your contact information and, if you wish, make a voluntary contribution to support the conference and WWI story preservation effort.
  • Review and agree to the release, permitting us to use your story and pictures.
  • Enter up to eight surnames that are mentioned in the story. This will be used to create an searchable index of surnames in the online memory book.
  • Upload your story and pictures from your computer

Click here to start the process.

Q.  What will be done with the stories and with the pictures?
  A.  We envision creating an on-line memory book containing the stories and pictures that are contributed. This memory book will likely include a surname index and will be freely available on the Internet. We may choose to share some of the stories and pictures on our social media (Conference blog and Facebook page). We expect to create a wall of pictures at the conference bringing the World War I era alive. Depending on interest level and the value of the material submitted, the IAJGS may choose to make it available in other ways as well. All submitted stories are subject to editing for length and clarity.

Q.  If I share a story and pictures will I still be able to publish them myself?
  A.  Yes, of course. You retain the right to use the material in any way you see fit. You will need to agree to a release before uploading your material which fully describes this. Until we cut off submissions and updates (about June 15, 2014) you can update or remove any contributed material. If you remove material, or withdraw your agreement to its release before this date, we will make no further use of it.

Q.  Why are you doing this?
  A.  The conference will begin on July 27, 2014. World War I began on July 28, 1914 with the declaration of war by Austria-Hungary against Serbia. Commemorating this 100th anniversary of the "War to End All Wars", we decided to focus our conference on this incredible era. Many of our ancestors fought in the various armies, lived through the chaos of fighting through the Jewish Heartland of Eastern Europe (both during and in the aftermath of the war), were forced from their homelands or fled to new areas or even new continents. Most of our families were touched in some way by the War. This is an effort to preserve the memory of our families and increase our understanding of this era.


Salt Lake City

Q.  What is the weather like in Salt Lake City during July and August?
  A.  The average low at night is typically in the mid to high 60s and the average high during the afternoon is in the high 80s or low 90s and may top 100. July and August are the driest months and rain is unlikely. 

Q.  How far is the Family History Library from the conference hotel?

It is 4/10ths of a mile north of the Hotel on West Temple. For alternatives to get between the Hotel and the Family History Library, click here.

Family History Library  (Map it from the conference hotel)
35 North West Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150

Family History Library Entrance

Q.  Are there other resources the I should consider?

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly the Hotel Utah) has a breathtaking lobby, fine restaurants and, at the lower level, displays, classes and computers provided by FamilySearch. The easiest way to get to it is to take the TRAX light rail.which is about half a block walk from the back of the hotel one stop north to East Temple. TRAX is free in the downtown area.The Joseph Smith Memorial Building is immediately to the east of Temple Square.

Joseph Smith Memorial Building  (Map it from the conference hotel)

15 E South Temple Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150

Joseph Smith Memorial Building


Check out these other resources as well.

The University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library has a extensive collection of over 3 million books. Library holdings include 3 million volumes and nearly 200 unique digital collections containing countless photographs, maps, books, audio recordings, newspaper articles and other items. Important collections span Utah, the Mormons, and the West to extensive science, engineering, medical and legal archives. The library also holds more than 1 million historical photographs and extensive film collections. The TRAX light rail system will take you there at a one-way fare of $2.50 (half off for seniors).

University of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library  (Map it from the conference hotel)
1500 East, 400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150
      J. Willard Marriott Library


The Salt Lake City Public Library has Heritage Quest online, digital Sanborn fire insurance maps (1865-1970), a good collection of Western Americana and a large selection of Utah newspapers on microfilm. The library is open on Sunday afternoon (1-5) and Monday evening (till 9pm) when the Family History Library is closed.
Salt Lake City Public Library  (Map it from the conference hotel)
210 East 400 South
Salt Lake City, Utah  84111
      Salt Lake City Public Library


The Utah State Archives holds copies of Utah newspapers and state records covering all of the following: death, land, court, history, naturalization, military, directories, criminals.
Utah State Archives  (Map it from the conference hotel)
346 South Rio Grande St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101-1106

     Utah State Archives

Q.  What's the most convenient way to get around in Salt Lake City?

The UTA TRAX light rail and Bus System are convenient, clean and have extensive routes across the city and the entire Salt Lake valley. The Green Line will take you from the Airport to Gallivan Plaza, where you would get off for the Conference Hotel. It will also take you from the hotel to the Family History Library. The Red Line will take you to the University of Utah and its J. Willard Marriott Library. If you want to go farther afield, the Frontrunner will take you to Ogden in the north or Provo in the south.

TRAX & FrontRunner Map 

Q.  Where can I find information about sightseeing around Salt Lake City?

Click here for a listing from VisitSaltLake.

Click here for a listing from TripAdvisor.

And click here for a listing from 


Q.  Where/what is Temple Square?

Temple Square is where the LDS Salt Lake Temple and Tabernacle are located. They have a visitor's center and regular free guided tours of the area. The Temple itself may only be entered by the Mormon faithful. The Family History Library is immediately to the west of Temple Square and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building is immediately to the east. Street numbers in Salt Lake City originate from Temple Square. The Hilton Salt Lake City Center is at 255 South West Temple, which is 2 1/2 blocks south of Temple Square on West Temple Street.

Temple Square Map 

Q.  What is Pioneer Day all about?

Pioneer Day occurs on July 24 every year and is a state holiday in Utah. There are parades, fireworks and all manner of celebrations commemorating the arrival of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley which occurred on July 24, 1847.  We specifically avoid scheduling the conference over this date as it is the one weekday that the Family History Library is closed. However, if you want to see the spectacular festivities, arrive a few days before the conference starts. Our special $149 rate at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center is available from July 22, 2014.

Pioneer Wagon


The Conference

Q.  Will there be a Conference Family Finder to connect with other conference registrants?
  A.  One of the exciting advances for this summer’s IAJGS Conference will be an on-line family finder facilitating connections with others who will be at the conference. The Family Finder will provide a wide range of search options as well as offering the ability to browse, page-by-page. Searches will be available by ancestral surname and town, by DNA haplogroup, by JGS or SIG organization or simply by registrant name. To assure privacy, the Family Finder will not display the submitter's phone number, email or address. Rather the Family Finder will send an email on your behalf to the target person. The recipient can then connect with you using your displayed name and email. The online Conference Family Finder will be available 60 days prior to the conference and then refreshed periodically until the start of the conference. This will permit attendees to make contact and plan to get together at the conference. It will then remain available for the next year and so provide an easy way to connect with other conference registrants quickly and securely. We want to thank Steve Morse who programmed this tool.

Q.  Will the Conference Family Finder be accessible to non-registrants?
  A.  No, the purpose of the Conference Family Finder is to connect conference registrants with one another. It is a snapshot in time and will not be updated once the Conference begins, only being replaced by the Conference Family Finder of the subsequent IAJGS Conference. If they have not done so already, conference attendees are encouraged to enter their family names and locations into the JewishGen Family Finder which is open to all and can be updated at any time. It is the master database of ancestral Jewish names and places. It also provides for secure communication with others who have posted their information.

Q.  Will the conference be ADA compliant?
  A.  Yes everything associated with attending the conference is ADA compliant. Please request any special needs on your room reservation or during the registration process. We will do our best to accommodate your ADA needs, but can only do so if your know of them in advance and so can plan for this.

Q.  Will people who do not attend the conference be able to purchase printed versions of the Conference Syllabus or Family Finder?
  A.  No. Only those who are registered for the conference may order these items through the registration process and then pick them up at the conference. They will not be shipped. However, much of the information that they will contain will be available on line at no cost. Check the conference Blog for further information on the availability of these items online.

Q.  Will conference sessions be recorded?
  A.  Conference sessions will be audio recorded professionally if the speaker has given permission to do so. Memory sticks with recordings will be available for purchase during and after the conference.

Q.  What is IAJGS LIVE!?
  A.  About 50 outstanding sessions will be broadcast live over the Internet and will remain available for three months. Individuals who can not attend the conference in person may wish to subscribe to IAJGS LIVE! and have access to about 1/3rd of the presentations offered at the conference. Those who come to the conference may also wish to subscribe to view sessions they were unable to attend or to see ones again that they especially enjoyed. Individuals can register to attend the conference, to subscribe to IAJGS LIVE!, or to do both through the on-line registration facility which will open in late December. Attendees who choose to add IAJGS LIVE! to their registration will be able to purchase it at a signficant discount. IAJGS LIVE! is made possible through the generous support of FamilySearch,

Q.  Will I be able to buy genealogy reference books or software at the conference?
  A.  There will be an Exhibitor Hall with vendor booths where genealogy products will be for sale.

Q.  Will computers be available for use by conference participants?
  A.  There will be a Resource Room that will have computers available for use free of charge. Those computers will have Internet access.

Q.  Will there be Wi-Fi access in the conference area?
  A.  We plan to have shared-access Wi-Fi in selected conference areas. Those who booked hotel rooms in the conference block will also get free Wi-Fi access in their rooms. Finally, the hotel always provides free Wi-Fi access in the lobby area.




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