IAJGS 2015 Schedule

Monday8:15am9:00amHall ALectureNew AttendeesMarlis HumphreyNew Attendees
Monday8:15am9:00amMichalLectureMilitaryDaniel LipsonJews in The Trenches: Historical and Genealogical Material at The National Library of Israel
Monday9:15am10:00amAmnonLectureGaliciaIrit Shem-TovNumbers Tell - Genealogy Research Is Not Only Dates
Monday9:15am10:00amHall ALecturePolandStanley DiamondWhat's New in JRI-Poland?
Monday9:15am10:00amHall B*LectureSephardicTon TielenGenealogical Data From The Archives of The Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam
Monday9:15am10:00amHall CLectureHolocaustAyana KimronThis Child is Me - Journey to Find the Biological Identity and Family of Elias and Yolik, Mengele Twins A7734, A7733
Monday9:15am10:00amMichalLectureUK-SIGDavid ShulmanJCR-UK – Project Outline and A Possible Blueprint for Other Regions of The World
Monday9:15am10:00amQueen of ShebaLectureOtherJane Neff RollinsSensitive Subjects in Genealogy: What to Reveal, What to Conceal
Monday10:15am11:00amAmnonSIGGesher GaliciaPamela WeisbergerGesher Galicia SIG meeting
Monday10:15am11:00amHall ALectureOtherPhilip TrauringJewish Names, Red Herrings, and Name Changes
Monday10:15am11:00amHall B*LectureSpainDominique Tomasov BlinderThe Soul of Heritage: The Ancient Jewish Cemetery On Montjuïc, Barcelona
Monday10:15am11:00amHall CLectureTech & toolsKenneth BravoDeath Certificates, Obits, Headstones and Probate Records - What our Ancestors have been Dying to Tell Us
Monday10:15am11:00amMichalLecturePolandZack Oryan-OraczLodz – Tel Aviv – Seattle: First Steps in Roots Research of a Family from Poland
Monday10:15am12:00pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsDuff WilsonGetting the Most out of Family Tree Maker
Monday10:15am12:00pmQueen of ShebaPanelOtherRony Golan, Dr. Yochai Ben-Ghedalia and Orit LaviFootnotes, Side notes and Remarks in European Vital Records
Monday11:15am12:00pmAmnonLectureSephardicRicardo Muñoz SollaArchival Sources for Sephardic Jewish Onomastics and Genealogy Research in The Middle Ages: Inquisition Trials and Tax Records
Monday11:15am12:00pmDelilaBOFSuwalki BOFSuwalki BOF
Monday11:15am12:00pmHall ALectureRabbinicChaim FreedmanRabbinical Genealogy - Doubts and Errors
Monday11:15am12:00pmHall B*LectureJewish lifeHal BookbinderWhy did our Ancestors Leave a Nice Place Like the Pale?
Monday11:15am12:00pmHall CLectureIsraelGarri RegevHow IGRA Has Gone Global and Changed Genealogy Research in Israel
Monday11:15am12:00pmMichalLectureHolocaustJudy BastonDocumenting The Vilna Ghetto Library
Monday11:15am12:00pmRoyalBOFILZA BOFILZA BOF
Monday11:15am12:00pmRuthLectureHolocaustHenry BlumbergThe World War Ii Destruction of Latvian Jewry: Rebuilding, Reconnecting and Remembering.
Monday12:30pm1:45pmDavidSIG LuncheonGaliciaDr. Haim GertnerSIG Luncheon Gesher Galicia - The Rabbinate in Galicia and its Encounter with Modernity, 1815-1867
Monday12:30pm1:45pmDelilaBOFMyHeritage BOFMyHeritage BOF
Monday12:30pm1:45pmHall ABOFBukovina BOFBukovina BOF
Monday12:30pm1:45pmRuthSIG LuncheonLatviaElla BarkanLatvia Jewish Connections Luncheon: Researching Latvian Jews – Sources in Israel
Monday2:00pm2:45pmAmnonLectureRabbinicAvishai ElboimFamily Trees From Books
Monday2:00pm2:45pmDavidLectureGaliciaAlex & Natalie DunaiSources of Jewish Genealogy (18th - 20th Centuries) in the Fonds of the Lviv Archives
Monday2:00pm2:45pmDelilaSIGSub-CarpathiaMarshall KatzSub-Carpathia SIG
Monday2:00pm2:45pmHall ALectureNetherlandsMax van DamSources for Research of Dutch Jewish Families
Monday2:00pm2:45pmHall B*LectureTech & toolsJean-Pierre StroweisDigital Staszów: Combining Information Technology With Second-Generation Initiative to Memorize A Vanished Jewish Community
Monday2:00pm2:45pmHall CLectureBeginnersEmily GarberJewish Genealogy - How to Start, Where to Look and the Breadth of What's Available
Monday2:00pm2:45pmMichalLectureMigrationMichal Ben Ya'akovWho Were The European Jewish Refugees in Casablanca During World War II and How Did They Get There?
Monday2:00pm2:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureTech & toolsLaurence HarrisMaking Discoveries with MyHeritage
Monday2:00pm2:45pmRuthLectureLatviaRita BogdanovaProject "Jews of Latvia: Names and Fates 1941-1945" as genealogical source.
Monday2:00pm3:45pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsDebra Kay-BlattIntroduction to JewishGen: Computer Lab
Monday3:00pm3:45pmAmnonLectureHolocaustNa'ama GalilThese are the Names - Identifying the Names of Victims of Death Marches Out of Auschwitz - Birkenau, Buried in Mass Graves in Poland
Monday3:00pm3:45pmDavidLectureGaliciaMark HalpernResearching Your Galitzianer Family: Working With Vital Records
Monday3:00pm3:45pmDelilaBOFEast Prussia BOFEast Prussia BOF
Monday3:00pm3:45pmHall ALectureOtherYehuda Aharon HorovitzPrenumeranten - A Goldmine of Genealogy!
Monday3:00pm3:45pmHall B*LectureJewish lifeAnne Lifshitz-KramsFrom The Banks of The Dnieper to The Banks of The Seine Via The Yishouv
Monday3:00pm3:45pmHall CLectureDNAMax BlankfeldThe DNA of The Jewish People
Monday3:00pm3:45pmMichalLectureSephardicDr. Dov HaCohenCemetery Research and Necrology of the Jews of Izmir (17th–20th Century)
Monday3:00pm3:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureArchivesNaomi BarthSearching for Relatives in The JDC Names Database
Monday4:00pm4:45pmAmnonLectureGaliciaDr. Eli BraunerMilestones for Knowledge of the Daily Lives of Families in Galicia - as Reflected in Lviv
Monday4:00pm4:45pmHall ALectureJewish lifeMadeleine IsenbergDifferent Traditions Even in Death: Ashkenazi vs. Sephardi Tombstones
Monday4:00pm4:45pmHall B*LectureOnomasticsAlexander BeiderJewish Surnames From North Africa: Civil Records As Clues for The Etymology
Monday4:00pm4:45pmHall CLectureArchivesDr. Haim GertnerGathering The Fragments: Yad Vashems National Campaign to Rescue Personal Items From The Holocaust Period
Monday4:00pm4:45pmMichalLectureBelgiumVincent VagmanJewish Immigrants in Belgium (1918-1940) : How Can We Follow Them ?
Monday4:00pm4:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureOnomasticsMichael ShadeA Frankenstein by any Other Name
Monday4:00pm4:45pmRoyalBOFKupiskis BOFKupiskis and Rokiskis BOF
Monday5:00pm5:45pmAmnonLectureSephardicJacob RosenDamascus Jews (1583-1909) as Reflected in the Muslim Sharia Courts.
Monday5:00pm5:45pmMichalLectureMilitaryEkkehard HuebschmannWorld War I: Photos, Field Post, Forces' Mail, War Diaries, Military Records in Archives
Monday5:00pm5:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureRussiaSerafima VelkovichEvacuatzia-searching for documentation on those evacuated to the depths of the USSR during WWII
Monday5:00pm6:30pmDelilaLeadershipLeadershipPresidents Reception
Monday8:00pm9:45pmBallroomKeynoteOpening & KeynoteRabbi Israel Meir LauKeynote Session - Connecting to Jewish Heritage through Jewish Genealogy
Monday9:45pm10:30pmQueen of ShebaReceptionReceptionReception
Tuesday7:00am8:00amDavidBreakfastPolandOrit LaviBreakfast with the Experts
Tuesday7:00am8:00amDelilaBreakfastOnomasticsAlexander BeiderBreakfast with the Experts
Tuesday7:00am8:00amJonathanBreakfastSlovakiaIrit Shem-TovBreakfast with the Experts
Tuesday8:15am9:00amAmnonLectureSephardicJose BenarrochProcesses Evolved Since the Spanish Law of Nationality - June 11, 2015
Tuesday8:15am9:00amHall ALectureYizkor BooksGary GansWhat I learned from my family’s shtetl Yizkor book
Tuesday8:15am9:00amHall B*LectureWritingStephen DenkerHow to Design and Construct a Family History Book Entirely by Yourself
Tuesday8:15am9:00amHall CLectureLithuaniaHarold RhodeTracing Over Litvak Ancestry back to Today's Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon 2000 Years Ago
Tuesday8:15am9:00amMichalLectureTech & toolsKaroly VandorFamilies Reunited: The Jewish Immigrants` Guide to Locate Lost Relatives in Hungary"
Tuesday8:15am9:00amQueen of ShebaLectureAncestry.comCrista CowanFinding Your Immigrant Ancestors on Ancestry.com
Tuesday8:15am10:00amAmosWorkshopPolandHadassah Lipsius and Roni Seibel LiebowitzJewish Records Indexing-Poland Computer Workshop
Tuesday9:15am10:00amAmnonLectureTunisiaGilles Boulu and Alain NedjarTwo New Matrimonial Registries of The Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis in The 19 Th Century
Tuesday9:15am10:00amHall ALectureJewish lifeMeliza AmityLittle Halinka’s Bracelet Found Near Auschwitz Returned to Family and Other Anecdotes Related On Meliza’s Genealogy Site
Tuesday9:15am10:00amHall B*LectureArchivesTammy HeppsReconstructing Small-Town Jewish Communities in America
Tuesday9:15am10:00amHall CLectureUkraineChana KochaviExposure of a Document File from the Internal Security Archives in Ukraine: The Soviet Union Following the Zionist Movement
Tuesday9:15am10:00amMichalSIGHungary SIGHungarian SIG
Tuesday9:15am10:00amQueen of ShebaLectureJewish lifeAlexander BeiderThe History of Yiddish As A Clue to The History of Ashkenazic People
Tuesday9:15am10:00amRoyalBOFKremenets BOFKremenets BOF
Tuesday10:15am11:00amAmnonLectureArchivesJordan AuslanderResources of The Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry
Tuesday10:15am11:00amHall ALectureSephardicYitzchak KeremIsraeli Sources for Researching Sephardic Jewry in The Holocaust ""
Tuesday10:15am11:00amHall B*LectureTech & toolsCynthia WroclawskiPortal to Connections and Discoveries: Case Studies From The Central Database of Shoah Victims` Names
Tuesday10:15am11:00amHall CLectureAcademicsTomasz JankowskiHypotheses On Jewish Population Growth On The Lands of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Between 15th and 19th Century
Tuesday10:15am11:00amMichalLectureGaliciaMarla Raucher OsbornHistoric Cadastral Maps as Resource for Genealogists: Rohatyn 1846 Map As Example
Tuesday10:15am11:00amRoyalBOFCanada BOFCanada BOF
Tuesday10:15am12:00pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsDaniel HorowitzAn introduction to MyHeritage.com (Hebrew)
Tuesday10:15am12:00pmQueen of ShebaPanelTech & toolsDr. Rose Lerer Cohen, Dr. Judith Reifen-Ronen, Dr. Moshe Mossek, Prof. Henry Green and Dr. MargGathering, Preserving and Interpreting the Voices and Memories of People and Communities
Tuesday11:15am12:00pmAmnonLectureHolocaustMegan LewisHungarian Records at The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Tuesday11:15am12:00pmHall B*LectureArchivesLinda LeviThe JDC Archives: Who We Are and What We Have to Offer Jewish Genealogists
Tuesday11:15am12:00pmHall CLectureOtherSallyann Amdur Sack-PikusThe Next 30 Years; Predictions of Trends in Jewish Genealogy
Tuesday11:15am12:00pmMichalLectureSerbiaLoren Greenberg SchonbrunFinding Family in Vojvodina, Serbia and Beyond.
Tuesday11:15am12:00pmRuthLectureUkraineJanette SilvermanUkraineSIG: What Is It and What Does It Include?
Tuesday11:15am12:15pmHall ALectureWebpagesSusana Leistner BlochVirtual Yizkor / Memorials Books - Creating Webpages Dedicated To Jewish Communities (Kehilot)
Tuesday12:30pm1:45pmDavidSIG LuncheonLithuaniaEphraim LapidLitvakSIG Luncheon
Tuesday12:30pm1:45pmDelilaLectureArchivesOded BredaBeit Theresienstadt – Commemorating Activity Alongside a Modern Archive and Museum
Tuesday12:30pm1:45pmDelilaSIG LuncheonAustria-CzechOded BredaAustria-Czech SIG luncheon
Tuesday12:30pm1:45pmHall ABOFTunisia BOFThierry SamamaTunisia BOF
Tuesday12:30pm1:45pmHall CBOFLodz (LARG) BOFLodz (LARG) BOF
Tuesday12:30pm1:45pmRuthSIG LuncheonUkraineSIG Luncheon Ukraine
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmAmnonLectureGaliciaAlex & Natalie DunaiAsk the Experts: Adventures in Archival Research in Poland, Ukraine & Austria
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmDavidSIGLithuaniaLitvakSIG meeting
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmDelilaLectureAustriaWolf-Erich EcksteinStructure of Marriages Registered in the Vienna Jewish Community 1826-1938
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmHall ALectureRabbinicZehava Ben DovItzchak Rosenthal-Danziger, Builder and Leader in 19th Century Jerusalem
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmHall B*LectureHolocaustZvi BernhardtUse of International Tracing Service Material
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmHall CLectureAcademicsWitold WrzosinskiHebrew Epitaphs as a Unique Source for The Study of Jewish History and Genealogy
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmMichalLectureScotlandMichael TobiasHow to Document A National Jewry - The Jews of Scotland
Tuesday2:00pm2:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureTech & toolsAnna FechterWorld Memory Project, Bringing Holocaust Records Online
Tuesday2:00pm3:45pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsDaniel HorowitzAn introduction to MyHeritage.com (English)
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmAmnonLectureTunisiaThierry SamamaLa Base Becane : Registres D`État Civil Consulaire Et Indigène En Tunisie (1809-1912)
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmDavidLectureLithuaniaJudy BastonResearching Your Litvak Heritage With LitvakSIG -- and Beyond
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmDelilaLectureHolocaustDavid FliggHow to Use Field-Work to Find Family Information: A Czech Case-Study
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmHall ALectureIsraelHaim GhiuzeliNew Developments at Beit Hatfutsot
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmHall B*LectureTech & toolsCrista CowanWhat’s New For You at Ancestry.com
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmHall CLectureRabbinicYaron PedhazurHidden Family Ties in Rabbinical Families: Sh"B and Other Abbreviations
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmMichalLectureMigrationThomas FuerthJewish Refugees to Sweden in Late 1930s and in May-June 1945 - A Jewish Genealogical Perspective
Tuesday3:00pm3:45pmQueen of ShebaLecturePolandAleksandra Dybkowska & Matan ShefiUnderstanding the family, understanding Jewish Poland. The Jewish Genealogy and Family Heritage Center at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmAmnonLectureHungaryKaroly VandorHungarian Jewish Genealogy: How to Research Your Hungarian Roots in Former Hungarian Areas"
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmHall ALectureIsraelBenjamin PantelatTiberias, Kehila History according to Hevra Kadisha Books [Pinkasim]
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmHall B*LectureArchivesBanai Lynn FeldsteinInsider’s Guide to The Family History Library
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmHall CLectureAcademicsJeffrey Mark PaullDifferences in Autosomal DNA Characteristics Between Jewish and Non-Jewish Populations
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmMichalLectureJewish lifeEkkehard HuebschmannLife Under The Restrictive Laws for Jews in 19th Century Germany
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureArchivesAvrohom KraussLandsmanshaften Research in Israel
Tuesday4:00pm4:45pmRoyalBOFKaunas BOFKaunas BOF
Tuesday4:00pm5:45pmAmosWorkshopGaliciaPamela Weisberger, Jay Osborn, Eli BraunerGesher Galicia Magical Map Room Mystery Tour!
Tuesday5:00pm5:45pmAmnonLectureOnomasticsDr. Chanan RapaportJewish Surnames Consisting of Acronyms
Tuesday5:00pm5:45pmHall ALectureDNAYehuda HeimlichThe Immigration and Spreading of One Jewish Family from SE Hungary – a DNA Research
Tuesday5:00pm5:45pmHall B*LectureJewish lifeWarren Blatt and Debra Kay-BlattUsing Pre-1826 Polish Parish Records in Genealogical Research
Tuesday5:00pm5:45pmHall CLectureAcademicsNeville LamdanInternational Institute for Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem (IIJG): 10 Year Review - Achievements and Challenges
Tuesday5:00pm5:45pmMichalLectureIsraelAviad RosenbergThe Kollels in Jerusalem at the End of the19th Century and Early 20th Century
Tuesday5:00pm5:45pmRoyalBOFMac Users BOFDoris NabelMac Users BOF
Tuesday5:00pm6:00pmQueen of ShebaLectureIsraelDeborah SteinmetzFilms of The Jewish Diaspora
Tuesday7:00pm10:30pmEvening ProgramA Taste of JerusalemA Taste of Jerusalem
Wednesday7:00am8:00amDavidBreakfastSephardicSidney CorcosBreakfast with the Experts
Wednesday7:00am8:00amDelilaBreakfastMaramarosRony GolanBreakfast with the Experts
Wednesday7:00am8:00amJonathanBreakfastTech & toolsArnon HershkovitzBreakfast with the Experts
Wednesday8:15am9:00amAmnonLectureBelarusLara TsinmanA Rare Glimpse Into the World of a Jew from Belarus, his Family and his Community from the 19th Century until the Beginning of the 20th Century
Wednesday8:15am9:00amHall ALectureMilitaryJordan AuslanderAmerican Jewish WWI Service
Wednesday8:15am9:00amHall B*LectureArchivesAvrohom KraussJewish Social Services Agencies
Wednesday8:15am9:00amHall CLectureDNAYaakov KleimanThe DNA Connection - Modern Jews and the Ancient Hebrews
Wednesday8:15am9:00amMichalLectureRomaniaSorin GoldenbergBotosani County Records, Accomplishments and Analysis
Wednesday8:15am9:00amQueen of ShebaLectureJewish lifeDavid FramowitzAsser Levy - His Extended Family and their Descendants from the 1600's to the Present
Wednesday9:15am10:00amAmnonLectureIsraelRose FeldmanThe Jewish Community in 19th Century Eretz Israel: New Available Resources
Wednesday9:15am10:00amHall ALectureTech & toolsDaniel HorowitzMeet my Singers, a success example of genealogy research.
Wednesday9:15am10:00amHall B*LectureOtherE. Randol SchoenbergPrivacy Issues With Online Trees
Wednesday9:15am10:00amHall CLectureDNAJanet Akaha and Rachel UnkeferIs a Rabbi Hiding in your Family Tree? Lessons from Genetic Genealogy for Traditional Genealogists
Wednesday9:15am10:00amMichalSIGRomaniaRomSIG meeting
Wednesday9:15am10:00amQueen of ShebaLectureTunisiaThierry SamamaThe Genealogy of Tunisian Jews: Pushing The Boundaries
Wednesday9:15am10:00amRoyalBOFLida BOFLida BOF
Wednesday10:15am11:00amAmnonLectureIndiaMoshe FelberIndian Jewry: Bney Yisrael, Cochinis , Baghdadis – Three Communities With Different Backgrounds, Histories, Languages and Customs
Wednesday10:15am11:00amHall ALectureSephardicSidney CorcosImmigration of Jews From Morocco to England in the 19 Century
Wednesday10:15am11:00amHall CLecturePolandJudy GolanReading Between The Lines: Mining Jewish History Through Extraction of Polish Archive Data
Wednesday10:15am11:00amMichalLectureRomaniaMarcel GlaskieRaducaneni, Romania - Civil Records and Jewish Tombstones: Identifying and Matching Data
Wednesday10:15am11:00amQueen of ShebaLectureHolocaustGidi PorazThe Wishing Tree - Exciting research stories
Wednesday10:15am11:00amRoyalBOFJewish Polesie BOFJewish Polesie BOF
Wednesday10:15am12:00pmHall B*PanelTech & toolsWarren Blatt, Avram Groll, Michael TobiasJewishGen 2015
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmAmnonLectureArchivesAlex DenysenkoNon-Classified and Unidentified Sources for Genealogy
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmDavidSIGBessarabia SIGDr. Dan KornBessarabia SIG meeting - About World Federation of Bessarabia Jews
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmDelilaLectureSouth AfricaSaul IssroffSouthern African Jewish Genealogy Research
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmHall ALectureRabbinicRabbi Meir WunderThe Genealogy Research in the Jewish Religious Sector
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmHall CLectureCaribbeanW. Todd KnowlesThe Jewish Communities of the Caribbean
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmMichalLectureIndiaNissim MosesReconstructing the Heritage of the Bene Israel Community Through Developing the Community Family Tree
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmQueen of ShebaLectureAustriaWolf-Erich EcksteinThe Vienna Jewish Cemetery in Waehring 1784-1879 as a Genealogical Source
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmRoyalBOFDisna & Panevezys BOFDisna & Panevezys BOF
Wednesday11:15am12:00pmRuthSIGBelarus SIGBelarus SIG meeting
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmDavidSIG LuncheonBessarabiaYefim KoganBessarabia SIG Luncheon - Kishinev, my native town: Can we now visit Kishinev and find help in our genealogical research?
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmDelilaSIG LuncheonSA-SIGBenjamin PogrundSIG Luncheon SA - Jews and apartheid, Israel and apartheid
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmHall ABOFKolbuszowa BOFKolbuszowa BOF
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmHall ABOFSuchostaw BOFSuchostaw BOF
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmHall CBOFUkmerge BOFSvencionys & Ukmerge BOF
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmMichalBOFOstrow BOFOstrow Mazowiecka BOF
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmRoyalBOFNovograd BOFNovograd Volynsky (Zhvil) BOF
Wednesday12:30pm1:45pmRuthSIG LuncheonBelarusDr. Yochai Ben-GhedaliaSIG Luncheon Belarus - Common Fields of Interest: Developing Belarus Records Datasets at the CAHJP
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmAmnonLectureMigrationJames GrossINS Subject Index: Jewish Refugee Files From WWI and WWII
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmDavidLectureBessarabiaYefim Kogan and Ala GamulkaFrom Bessarabia to North America -the Kogan-Tulchinsky Family Saga
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmHall ALectureItalyMarco SoriaThe House of Rothschild in Italy and the Jewish Community of Naples: History Meets Genealogy
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmHall B*LectureRabbinicMarta Rzepecka - AleksiejukPersonal Files of Rabbis and Assistant Rabbis in The Kingdom of Poland, A Genealogy Source
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmHall CLectureTech & toolsRhoda MillerEvidence Analysis: Which is the Right Record?
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmMichalLectureBelgiumGershon LehrerJewish Antwerp - A Shtetl in Belgium
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmRoyalBOFLublin-Zamosc BOFLublin-Zamosc BOF
Wednesday2:00pm2:45pmRuthSIGBelarus SIGBelarus SIG Q&A
Wednesday2:00pm3:45pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsRoy MillAncestry.com
Wednesday2:00pm5:00pmQueen of ShebaLeadershipLeadershipIAJGS Annual Meeting
Wednesday3:00pm3:45pmAmnonLectureUnder 30Jeffrey SchragerConnecting the Jewish Future to its Past: Why and How to Teach Jewish Genealogy
Wednesday3:00pm3:45pmHall ALectureOnomasticsDr. Lea Haber-GedaliaFemale Surnames – Difficulties and Challenges in Research
Wednesday3:00pm3:45pmHall B*LectureMigrationJules FeldmanMigration From The Yishuv Hayashan (Old Yishuv) Before The First World War
Wednesday3:00pm3:45pmHall CLectureHolocaustKaren Franklin and Dr. Rose Lerer CohenJewish Cultural Property, Ownership, Provenace Research and Restitution: Understanding Concepts
Wednesday3:00pm3:45pmMichalLectureRomaniaPeninah ZilbermanReturn to Sighet: Remembrance, Culture and Celebration
Wednesday3:00pm3:45pmRoyalBOFPinsk & Yanov BOFPinsk & Yanov BOF
Wednesday4:00pm4:45pmAmnonLectureMilitaryHaim GhiuzeliVisual Documentation of Jewish Soldiers in Foreign Armies
Wednesday4:00pm4:45pmHall ALectureMilitaryNadia LipesRussian Empire Military Census 1875 As The Unique Jewish Genealogy Resource
Wednesday4:00pm4:45pmHall B*LectureTech & toolsGilad Japhet7 Unique Technologies for Genealogy Discoveries
Wednesday4:00pm4:45pmHall CLectureIsraelHadassah AssoulineOttoman Palestinian Genealogical Sources at The Central Archives for The History of The Jewish People
Wednesday4:00pm4:45pmMichalLectureMaramarosMenachem Keren-KratzThe Jews of Maramaros: Exploring On-Line and Off-Line Genealogical Sources
Wednesday5:00pm5:45pmAmnonLectureArchivesMichal MajewskiResource Centre of Museum of History of Polish Jews Polin
Wednesday5:00pm5:45pmHall ALectureAcademicsProf. Aaron DemskyThe Mother of All Genealogies (Genesis 10)
Wednesday5:00pm5:45pmHall B*LectureTech & toolsCrista CowanThe Jewish Record Collection on Ancestry.com
Wednesday5:00pm5:45pmHall CLectureGaliciaPamela WeisbergerGalician & Polish Research Online! Methods, Techniques and Resources
Wednesday5:00pm5:45pmMichalLectureSephardicDr. Elioz HeferMystery and Enigma in the Genealogical Research of the Antebi Family
Wednesday5:00pm5:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureBelarusDr. Ruth MarcusLunna - Impressions of my Visits to my Father's Town of Birth
Wednesday8:00pm9:30pmMichalSIGPolandJRI Board
Thursday7:00am8:00amDavidBreakfastPolandJean-Pierre StroweisBreakfast with the Experts
Thursday7:00am8:00amDelilaBreakfastSephardicDr. Lea TeicherBreakfast with the Experts
Thursday7:00am8:00amJonathanBreakfastGaliciaDr. Eli BraunerBreakfast with the Experts
Thursday8:15am9:00amAmnonLectureRabbinicNeil RosensteinKrotoschin and its virtual cemetery
Thursday8:15am9:00amHall ALectureTech & toolsDiane M. FreilichU.S. City Directory Unique Uses
Thursday8:15am9:00amHall B*LectureUkraineTomasz Jankowski19th-Century Censuses in Central Ukraine. Overview of The Key Resource for Genealogy
Thursday8:15am9:00amHall CLectureOtherRosemary EshelThreading Layers of Memory Into Our Family Histories
Thursday8:15am9:00amMichalLectureHolocaustFritz NeubauerArchive Documents Discovered On Additional First Names Imposed On German Jews in 1939"
Thursday8:15am9:00amQueen of ShebaLectureBessarabiaYefim KoganBessarabian Jewish Records. What Our Group Have Translated and What’s New
Thursday9:15am10:00amAmnonLectureMilitaryNadia LipesAn Ultimate Guide for Free-To-Use Russian Military Databases in Jewish Genealogy Research
Thursday9:15am10:00amHall ALectureTech & toolsMegan LewisUsing The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Online Oral Histories to Research Your Family
Thursday9:15am10:00amHall B*LectureSephardicDr. Lea TeicherThe community as a family: Jewish Values and Genealogy – the Story of Four Sephardic families: Ascher, Ben Ghiat, Sidi, Soncino
Thursday9:15am10:00amHall CLecturePolandKamila KlauzinskaBeyond the Graves - the Dual Lives of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland
Thursday9:15am10:00amMichalLectureGermanyJeanette RosenbergAre German-Jewish Community Histories Trustworthy Source Material for Your Family Tree?
Thursday9:15am10:00amQueen of ShebaLectureMigrationRina OffenbachBenetivei Ha'apala - The Research and Information Center for Ha'apala Heritage named after General Mordechai (Moka)
Thursday9:15am10:00amRoyalBOFKlaipeda (Memel) BOFKlaipeda (Memel) BOF
Thursday10:15am11:00amAmnonLectureRabbinicSarina RoffeSephardic Dynasties: Irish Crypto Rabbis with a Converso Twist
Thursday10:15am11:00amHall ALectureTech & toolsPamela WeisbergerJews in The News! International Historical Newspaper Research for Genealogists
Thursday10:15am11:00amHall B*LectureIsraelDaniel ShaniMt. of Olives Cemetery
Thursday10:15am11:00amHall CLectureHolocaustGidi PorazThe boy on the train – Tolek Wajnsztajn (Weinstein) is looking for his parents
Thursday10:15am11:00amMichalLectureHolocaustDr. Debbie LifschitzThe Story of One Extended German Family During The Shoa
Thursday10:15am12:00pmQueen of ShebaPanelAcademicsDr. Arnon Hershkovitz, Dr. Amos Ron, Prof. Dallen Timothy, Dr. Michael Fire and Dr. Judith KaliMultidisciplinary Academic Research in Genealogy
Thursday11:15am12:00pmAmnonLectureOnomasticsYefim KoganThe Jewish Surnames in Bessarabia/Moldova: What Makes Our Surnames Unique.
Thursday11:15am12:00pmDavidLecturePolandHadassah LipsiusJRI-Poland - Congress Poland Records and Digital Images
Thursday11:15am12:00pmDelilaLectureWritingDanny VerbovMaking You Memor-able - Tips, Tricks and Tools to Write Your Memoirs
Thursday11:15am12:00pmDelilaSIGGerman SIGJeanette RosenbergGerSIG meeting
Thursday11:15am12:00pmHall B*LectureMigrationHal BookbinderU.S. Immigration and Naturalization
Thursday11:15am12:00pmHall CLectureRabbinicYaron PedhazurCrossing the Great Depth in Rabbinical Genealogy: The Line Between Civil records and Jewish Sources
Thursday11:15am12:00pmMichalLectureItalyNardo Bonomi BravermanUnder The Tuscan Sun: The Story and The Genealogy of The Jews of Tuscany.
Thursday11:15am12:15pmHall ALectureHolocaustNaomi Barth and Linda LeviRelief Aid, Safe Haven, and Displaced Persons Camps: JDC and World War Ii Through Rare Archival Films
Thursday12:30pm1:45pmDavidSIG LuncheonPolandMichal MajewskiJRI-Poland SIG Luncheon-Poland as a center of Jewish genealogical research. Resources and their potential
Thursday12:30pm1:45pmDelilaBOFMogilev-Podolskiy BOFMogilev-Podolskiy BOF
Thursday12:30pm1:45pmMichalBOFKobryn BOFKobrin Uyezd Research BOF
Thursday12:30pm1:45pmRuthSIG LuncheonGermanyDr. Yochai Ben-GhedaliaSIG Luncheon GerSIG - German-Jewish Vital Records at the CAHJP
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmAmnonLectureHolocaustTony KahaneJewish Vital Records From The Period of The Holocaust in Eastern Galicia (1941-44)
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmDavidSIGPolandJRI-Poland volunteers
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmDelilaBOFGeni BOFGeni BOF
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmHall ALectureWritingMarlis HumphreyI Couldn’t Put It Down! Series: What They Don’t Tell You About Family History Publishing
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmHall CLectureTech & toolsPhilip TrauringPreserving Photographs, Scanning, and Digital Backups
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmMichalLectureMilitaryIsrael BlajbergStar of David On The Green and Yellow Flag: Brazilian Jewish Military of WWII
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureArchivesJean-Claude KupermincGeneration Alliance: A Social Network for Alliance Israelite Universelle Schools Alumni
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmRoyalBOFTelsiai BOFTelsiai BOF
Thursday2:00pm2:45pmRuthLectureGermanyWilliam WeitzerA Portal into German-Jewish History
Thursday2:00pm3:45pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsW. Todd KnowlesGetting The Most Out of Familysearch.Org for Jewish Research
Thursday2:00pm3:45pmHall B*PanelEuropeDaniel Dratwa, Anne Lifschitz-Krams, Mark NichollsLast developments on Jewish genealogy research in French speaking countries and in Western Europe
Thursday3:00pm3:45pmAmnonLectureUkraineOleksiy LipesJewish Genealogy Research at Ukraine 1795-1938: Tips & Tricks, Specific Documentation, Jewish Migration and Archives
Thursday3:00pm3:45pmDelilaBOFProfessionals BOFProfessionals BOF
Thursday3:00pm3:45pmHall ALectureTech & toolsEmily GarberWhen It Takes A Village: Applying Cluster Research Techniques
Thursday3:00pm3:45pmHall CLectureTech & toolsDavid LibermanA Genealogists Guide to Visiting Cemeteries
Thursday3:00pm3:45pmMichalBOFTech & tools BOFKehilaLinks BOF
Thursday3:00pm3:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureTech & toolsAdam BrownExciting New Avotaynu Foundation Program to Promote Jewish DNA Projects
Thursday4:00pm4:45pmAmnonLectureIsraelRose FeldmanTracing The Women in Your Family Through Socialism and Community Work: Case Study Eretz Israel
Thursday4:00pm4:45pmMichalLectureIsraelDr. Motti Friedman and Gidi PorazTraces of the Zaks Family in Sources and Databases
Thursday4:00pm4:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureTech & toolsLara DiamondIt Isn't all Online - Getting Away from Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage and Finding the Best Stories
Thursday4:00pm4:45pmRoyalBOFYizkor Books BOFYizkor Book BOF
Thursday5:00pm5:45pmAmnonLectureJewish lifeEli RabinowitzA Tragic Romance and its Consequences
Thursday5:00pm5:45pmMichalLectureArchivesSeth JacobsonThe Testimonies of Odengatan 28 - Memorial Records From Swedish Post-Holocaust Rehabilitation Camps
Thursday5:00pm5:45pmQueen of ShebaLectureBeginnersJeffrey Mark PaullThe History, Adoption, and Regulation of Jewish Surnames in The Russian Empire
Thursday8:00pm10:00pmBallroomBanquetBanquetDick EastmanBanquet
Friday7:00am8:00amDavidBreakfastLithuaniaDr. Rose Lerer CohenBreakfast with the Experts
Friday7:00am8:00amDelilaBreakfastGaliciaDr. Eli BraunerBreakfast with the Experts
Friday8:15am9:00amHall ALectureDNADaniella MichaelovitzHow DNA tests revealed family relationship between my Parents
Friday8:15am9:00amHall B*LectureMigrationRina OffenbachBenetivei Ha'apala - The Research and Information Center for Ha'apala Heritage named after General Mordechai (Moka)
Friday8:15am9:00amHall CLectureRussiaH. Daniel WagnerFinding Aron Baum in Pre-War St. Petersburg
Friday8:15am9:00amMichalLectureAcademicsMariana KronfeldWho Was Elishah Ben-Aboyah
Friday8:15am9:45amAmosWorkshopPolandJean-Pierre StroweisJRI-Poland Hebrew
Friday8:15am1:00pmQueen of ShebaLeadershipLeadershipFamily Free Friday
Friday9:15am10:00amHall ALectureEthiopiaAvivah PinskiBeta Israel - Descendants of King Solomon or Descendants of the Tribe of Dan? Origins shrouded In Mystery
Friday9:15am10:00amHall B*LectureArchivesSimone SchliachterUnusual Information Sources: Central Zionist Archive Collections As a Unique Information Source For Genealogy
Friday9:15am10:00amHall CLectureUnder 30Dr. Arnon Hershkovitz and Rony GolanTeaching Jewish Genealogy to Teenagers
Friday9:15am10:00amMichalLectureMilitaryDenise ReinGenealogical Sources in The Central Archives On Jewish Soldiers in WWI an Their Families
Friday10:15am11:00amHall ALectureOnomasticsDr. Mitka GolubPersonal Names from Archaeological Excavations in the Land of Israel during the First Temple Period
Friday10:15am11:00amHall B*LectureMilitaryDr. Eli BraunerMilestones for Finding Information About Andres Army Soldiers – Russia, Eretz Israel, Italy to Demobilization
Friday10:15am11:00amHall CLectureHolocaustZvi BernhardtYad Vashem Resources for Advanced Level
Friday10:15am11:00amMichalLectureMilitaryPaul KingFamily Generations at War: Weaving World History and Ancestral GenealogyAMILY GENERATIONS AT WAR: WEAVING WORLD HISTORY AND ANCESTRAL GENEALOGY
Friday10:15am12:00pmAmosWorkshopTech & toolsDr. Lea Haber-Gedalia & Irit Shem-TovJewishGen Hebrew
Friday11:00am3:00pmKiryat BialystokSIGBialyBIALYGen
Friday11:15am12:00pmHall ALectureTech & toolsBanai Lynn FeldsteinSearch as an Art
Friday11:15am12:00pmHall B*LectureHolocaustAlexander AvramThe Central Database of Shoah Victims` Names – Plans for The Future
Friday11:15am12:00pmMichalLectureSephardicTon TielenThe poor and the Pious in Jerusalem 1639-1800. Support for Eretz Israel from Amsterdam.
Friday11:15am12:15pmHall CLectureArchivesMichal Henkin and Galia DuvidzonA Road Map to Israeli Archives - Researching in Israel