Lectures Included in On-Demand Program


In addition to all of the following lectures - the Opening Keynote evening and the Gala Banquet are also a part of the On-Demand! program. You can hear Gilad Japhet, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, the Jerusalem Barbershop Ensemble, Dick Eastman and others.

Please refer to the detailed schedule of the Conference for additional information and original language of lectures.

Last Name First Name Language Lecture Day Time Hall Title
Tielen Ton Eng/Heb Monday 9:15 B Genealogical Data From The Archives of The Portuguese Jewish Community of Amsterdam
Tomasov Blinder Dominique Eng/Heb Monday 10:15 B The Soul of Heritage: The Ancient Jewish Cemetery On Montjuïc, Barcelona
Bookbinder Hal Eng/Heb Monday 11:15 B Why did our Ancestors Leave a Nice Place Like the Pale?
Stroweis Jean-Pierre Eng/Heb Monday 14:00 B Digital Staszów: Combining Information Technology With Second-Generation Initiative to Memorize A Vanished
Lifshitz-Krams Anne Eng/Heb Monday 15:00 B From The Banks of The Dnieper to The Banks of The Seine Via The Yishouv
Beider Alexander Eng/Heb Monday 16:00 B Jewish Surnames From North Africa: Civil Records As Clues for The Etymology
Kimron Ayana Hebrew Monday 9:15 C This Child is Me - Journey to Find the Biological Identity and Family of Elias and Yolik, Mengele Twins A7734, A7733
Bravo Ken English Monday 10:15 C Death Certificates, Obits, Headstones and Probate Records - What our Ancestors have been Dying to Tell Us
Regev Garri English Monday 11:15 C How IGRA Has Gone Global and Changed Genealogy Research in Israel
Garber Emily English Monday 14:00 C Jewish Genealogy - How to Start, Where to Look and the Breadth of What's Available
Blankfeld Max English Monday 15:00 C The DNA of The Jewish People
Gertner Haim English Monday 16:00 C Gathering The Fragments: Yad Vashems National Campaign to Rescue Personal Items From The Holocaust Period
Denker Stephen Eng/Heb Tuesday 8:15 B How to Design and Construct a Family History Book Entirely by Yourself
Hepps Tammy Eng/Heb Tuesday 9:15 B Reconstructing Small-Town Jewish Communities in America
Wroclawski Cynthia Eng/Heb Tuesday 10:15 B Portal to Connections and Discoveries: Case Studies From The Central Database of Shoah Victims` Names
Levi Linda Eng/Heb Tuesday 11:15 B The JDC Archives: Who We Are and What We Have to Offer Jewish Genealogists
Bernhardt Zvi Eng/Heb Tuesday 14:00 B Use of International Tracing Service Material
Cowan Crista Eng/Heb Tuesday 15:00 B What’s New For You at Ancestry.com
Feldstein Banai Eng/Heb Tuesday 16:00 B Insider’s Guide to The Family History Library
Eng/Heb Tuesday 17:00 B Using Pre-1826 Polish Parish Records in Genealogical Research
Rhode Harold English Tuesday 8:15 C Tracing Over Litvak Ancestry back to Today's Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon 2000 Years Ago
Kochavi Hanna Hebrew Tuesday 9:15 C Exposure of a Document File from the Internal Security Archives in Ukraine: The Soviet Union Following the Zionist Movement
Jankowski Tomasz English Tuesday 10:15 C Hypotheses On Jewish Population Growth On The Lands of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Between 15th and 19th Century
Sack Sallyann English Tuesday 11:15 C The Next 30 Years; Predictions of Trends in Jewish Genealogy
Wrzosinski Witold English Tuesday 14:00 C Hebrew Epitaphs as a Unique Source for The Study of Jewish History and Genealogy
Pedhazur Yaron Hebrew Tuesday 15:00 C Hidden Family Ties in Rabbinical Families: Sh"B and Other Abbreviations
Paull Jeffrey Mark English Tuesday 16:00 C Differences in Autosomal DNA Characteristics Between Jewish and Non-Jewish Populations
Lamdan Neville English Tuesday 17:00 C International Institute for Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem (IIJG): 10 Year Review - Achievements and Challenges
Krauss Avrohom Eng/Heb Wednesday 8:15 B Jewish Social Services Agencies
Schoenberg Randol Eng/Heb Wednesday 9:15 B Privacy Issues With Online Trees
Eng/Heb Wednesday 10:15 B PANEL: JewishGen 2015
Rzepecka-Aleksiejuk Marta Eng/Heb Wednesday 14:00 B Personal Files of Rabbis and Assistant Rabbis in The Kingdom of Poland, A Genealogy Source
Feldman Jules Eng/Heb Wednesday 15:00 B Migration From The Yishuv Hayashan (Old Yishuv) Before The First World War
Japhet Gilad Eng/Heb Wednesday 16:00 B 7 Unique Technologies for Genealogy Discoveries
Cowan Crista Eng/Heb Wednesday 17:00 B The Jewish Record Collection on Ancestry.com
Kleiman Ya'akov English Wednesday 8:15 C The DNA Connection - Modern Jews and the Ancient Hebrews
Akaha Janet English Wednesday 9:15 C Is a Rabbi Hiding in your Family Tree? Lessons from Genetic Genealogy for Traditional Genealogists
Golan Judy English Wednesday 10:15 C Reading Between The Lines: Mining Jewish History Through Extraction of Polish Archive Data
Knowles Todd English Wednesday 11:15 C The Jewish Communities of the Caribbean
Miller Rhoda English Wednesday 14:00 C Evidence Analysis: Which is the Right Record?
Lerer Cohen
English Wednesday 15:00 C Jewish Cultural Property, Ownership, Provenace Research and Restitution: Understanding Concepts 
Assouline Hadassah English Wednesday 16:00 C Ottoman Palestinian Genealogical Sources at The Central Archives for The History of The Jewish People
Weisberger Pamela English Wednesday 17:00 C Galician & Polish Research Online! Methods, Techniques and Resources
Jankowski Tomasz Eng/Heb Thursday 8:15 B 19th-Century Censuses in Central Ukraine. Overview of The Key Resource for Genealogy
Teicher Lea Eng/Heb Thursday 9:15 B The community as a family: Jewish Values and Genealogy – the Story of Four Sephardic families: Ascher, Ben Ghiat, Sidi, Soncino
Shani Daniel Eng/Heb Thursday 10:15 B Mt. of Olives Cemetery
Bookbinder Hal Eng/Heb Thursday 11:15 B U.S. Immigration and Naturalization
Eng/Heb Thursday 14:00 B PANEL: Last developments on Jewish genealogy research in French speaking countries and in Western Europe
Eshel Rosemary English Thursday 8:15 C Threading Layers of Memory Into Our Family Histories
Klauzinska Kamila English Thursday 9:15 C Beyond the Graves - the Dual Lives of Jewish Cemeteries in Poland
Poraz Gidi Hebrew Thursday 10:15 C The boy on the train – Tolek Wajnsztajn (Weinstein) is looking for his parents
Pedhazur Yaron Hebrew Thursday 11:15 C Crossing the Great Depth in Rabbinical Genealogy: The Line Between Civil records and Jewish Sources
Trauring Philip English Thursday 14:00 C Preserving Photographs, Scanning, and Digital Backups
Liberman David English Thursday 15:00 C A Genealogists Guide to Visiting Cemeteries
Offenbach Rina Eng/Heb Friday 8:15 B Benetivei Ha'apala - The Research and Information Center for Ha'apala Heritage named after General Mordechai (Moka)
Schliachter Simone Eng/Heb Friday 9:15 B Unusual Information Sources: Central Zionist Archive Collections As a Unique Information Source For Genealogy
Brauner Eli Eng/Heb Friday 10:15 B Milestones for Finding Information About Andres Army Soldiers – Russia, Eretz Israel, Italy to Demobilization
Avram Alexander Eng/Heb Friday 11:15 B The Central Database of Shoah Victims` Names – Plans for The Future
Wagner Daniel English Friday 8:15 C Finding Aron Baum in Pre-War St. Petersburg
English Friday 9:15 C Teaching Jewish Genealogy to Teenagers
Bernhardt Zvi English Friday 10:15 C Yad Vashem Resources for Advanced Level
Hebrew Friday 11:15 C A Road Map to Israeli Archives - Researching in Israel