Family Reunion

IAJGS 2015 Jerusalem – Family Reunion will help you connect with your family in Israel. Plan for your family reunion during your visit. This could be your opportunity to crumble brick walls, fill in blanks and question marks on your tree while adding branches, buds and leaves!

Gather information and use our volunteers in Israel to help guide you in locating your family and preparing for your reunion.

Check here frequently as we will be adding tips and information about Family Reunion 2015!

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What We Can Do?

During the dates of the conference, 6-10 July 2015, the Ramada Hotel will have available public spaces suitable for small group gatherings. We can arrange to hold space for your family, BUT we must know in advance the day and time.

We cannot conduct any personal genealogy research for you. The Resource Room will be available to you during the conference.


Tips for how to prepare for your Family Reunion and what to bring with you:

Do your homework – it helps. Check the multitude of online databases and all sources that might help you familiarize yourself with your relatives and their connection to you.

Communicate with your relative as much as you can prior to arriving and meeting in Jerusalem. As the date approaches, make sure to send clear information of when and how you can be reached, i.e. hotel name, telephone number and address. Set the date in advance for your Family Reunion - you’ll have ample time to peruse the program in advance and will know when you will be free.
Keep copies of all of the pertinent information, photos, family tree etc . on a disk on key that you can bring with you and on your laptop or tablet if you are bringing it.

Prepare a print out of your family tree that you can refer to when meeting with your relative. Plan to leave a copy with him/her if so requested.

Bring copies of family photos of your common ancestors (if you have them). Also add some current photos of your family.

If you have any old letters, no matter the language, copy and/or scan them and bring them along.
Sometimes people find it difficult looking at a photo or a document in electronic media, so be prepared to make paper copies just in case.

Bring your relative/s a small token gift/s. It helps break the ice.