Program Info

The program for the 2015 Conference promises to be varied and unique! There will be sessions relating to research in different countries, techniques and a focus on how the end of World War II impacted the Jewish people and their lives across the world. We will make the most of the resources in Israel. You will be able to choose from lectures, workshops and panel discussions, from tours to research in archives and much, much more. The preliminary list of lectures is available now on the website! You can scroll through the titles of the lectures for each day and see the names of the presenters as well [PROGRAM - Program & Schedule] 

Prices are now available for all of the Exploration Sunday tours/research options. The description can be found at PROGRAM - Exploration Sunday. To register for these tours you need to return to the Registration form and update your information.

The SIG luncheons are all set now as well. You can see the main day for each SIG in PROGRAM - SIGs & BOFs. There will also be additional lectures pertaining to these regions on other days. You can register for these on the Registration form. The BOF schedule will be available soon.

"Breakfast with the Experts" - From Tuesday through Friday we are offering a variety of options of Breakfast with the Experts. For those staying at the hotel there is a minimal charge ($7.50). Please check out the list and register on the Registration form.

Have a Brick Wall? We have options ready for those with a Brick Wall challenge to sit for half an hour - one on one - with a specialist in the area you are researching. Start preparing your questions!! 

IAJGS Conference attendees - "Rendezvous with an Expert" is ready for registration. For those having a "brick wall" in their research and looking for advice on how to continue... these half hour, one-on-one sessions may be the best opportunity of the conference! (These are not beginner sessions.) No additional cost!!

Current research areas: 

Austria, Belarus, Bialystok, Galicia, Germany, Holland & Portuguese community, Lithuania, Lwow, North African migration to Israel, Poland, Rabbinic Genealogy, Romania, Slovakia, Tarnopol, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, U.S. Holocaust Museum.

Interested? Send an email to: - be sure to include the area you are interested in from the list above.

The new IAJGS Family Finder is now part of the registration process! For those already registered - please go to the REGISTRATION tab, "Update Your Registration" and enter your email and password. The next screen has the link to the IAJGS Family Finder + DNA. This new system copies your information from JewishGen and you will not need to re-enter your family names or communities. If you have not yet submitted your family names and communities to the JGFF we ask that you do so before beginning the process on the Conference website. The search function will be available shortly to those who are registered for the Conference.