Speaker Handouts/Materials
  1. Handouts are highly valued by our Conference attendees. Speakers are expected to submit handouts for each program for inclusion in the Conference syllabus, which will be distributed on a USB flash drive and also available for purchase in print. 
  2. Your handout must not exceed four (4) pages. This material may consist of an overview of your presentation in narrative or outline format, a bibliography or annotated bibliography of readings and Internet resources, maps, graphics, samples of records, and other explanatory material. Including specific information about archives, records, Internet sites, and sources will be very helpful to attendees, particularly beginners.
  3. Please proofread your materials in detail. The Conference does not edit or correct errors in these handouts.
  4. Speakers retain the copyright to their materials, and may include a copyright notation on the handout material if they wish.
  5. The deadline for submission of handouts in the proper format (see below) is 11:59 pm, Friday, May 1, 2015.
  6. If you do not submit a handout for a presentation, there will be a notation in the syllabus stating "No Handout Received.” This will be done for each program for which you do not have a handout.
  7. Please submit your handouts by the May 1 deadline as we are unable to provide copying and/or distribution of handouts at the conference site.
  8. Only the primary speaker of a session may upload handouts.


  1. All resource material/handouts must be submitted in PDF format and set for A4 sheets of paper (in case someone in Israel is trying to print it out).
  2. Use 1.0 inch or 2.54 cm margins on all sides of each page of the handouts.
  3. None of the content, including titles, contact information, maps, photographs, diagrams or copyright notifications may extend into the margins.
  4. Do not place page numbers on any material.
  5. HEADER: The first page of your handout must include the title of the session and the names of each speaker. The TITLE of your handout must match the TITLE of your program. Sub or secondary titles may be used but should be typeset on a separate line. All other information is optional. Please center your header.
  6. IMAGES: Color graphics/photos may be included and will be used in the digital version of the syllabus; however the optional printed syllabus will be delivered in black and white only. Embedded images should be .jpg, .gif, .png, or .tif and 300 dpi for best print quality. Note that images included in the digital version of the syllabus may be reduced to a lower resolution.
  7. URLs & Website Addresses: PLEASE proof your URLs (make sure that you are providing a working address) before you include it in your handout!

Title (matches your session title)
Subtitle (optional)
Your Full Name
Organization/Institution Name (optional)
Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal code, Country (optional)
Phone (optional)
Email address / website URL (optional)


By submitting handout materials for inclusion in the Conference syllabus, you represent and warrant that to the extent any materials you submit are not your original product, the use and publication of such materials will not infringe the rights of others and that you have obtained any permissions from third parties that may be required.

IAJGS reserves the right not to include any handout material that it deems inappropriate for distribution at the Conference.

Uploading Your Presentation Handout(s):

Please follow all of the required steps:

  1. Sign in to the Speaker Service Center using your email and password.
  2. Select the appropriate session from among those you submitted and choose to Update.
  3. When you reach the Speaker Handouts/Materials page of the Abstract Submission you will be able to upload your handout - click the "Choose File" button to locate the document file on your computer or disk.
  4. You will know that your file has been uploaded when the "Choose File" changes to "Change File". Remember, you can only upload a PDF file.
  5. You may edit your file or upload a new version until the May 1 deadline for submission.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Program Committee at cochairs@iajgs2015.org.